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Highland Gathering

2024 Highland Gathering - June 23th, 2024

The 50th Highland Gathering by The Edmonton Scottish Society

3105-101st SW Edmonton, AB

3126 Ewing Trail SW Edmonton, AB
Our property spans two addresses, either one will get you here.

Click Here for the 2024 Highland Gathering Attractions

The 2024 Program and Event Calendar will be added once finalized.

Wish to Volunteer at the Highland Gathering 2024? Click Here


2024 Edmonton Scottish Society Open Highland Dance Competition ScotDance Canada Sanctioned Event

Heavy Events Registration Form 2024

Registration Ends June 9 2024


This years event may involve still photography, video and potential Drone video being taken for the purposes of promotional material.

What is available at a Highland Gathering?

Highland Gatherings include Highland Dance, Pipes and Drums and Heavy Events.

Other attractions may include, traditional food, vendors and merchants along with other


Visit our current years Highland Gathering event page to see what is available for visitors this year.

This Years Highland Gathering

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Highland Festival 2024 Site Map - Click the image

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Whisky Tasting

Whisky Tasting

Whisky Tasting featuring 6 Whisky selections from all areas of Scotland. Presented by Whisky enthusiasts well versed in our selection of whiskys
Tastings will occur in our inflatable old style pub in the beer garden.



At the Highland Gathering you'll see a variety of demonstrations. From the grace of Scottish Country dancing to traditional Scottish events and activities for the Wee ones - there is something of appeal to all ages.

Clans, Vendors and Food

Clans, Vendors and Food

What's a Highland Gathering without a wee bit of shopping, exploring Scottish Heritage and sampling Scottish food. Each year has something a bit different but always something that will please.

From the Edmonton Scottish Society food tent offering Haggis on a bun and more to a variety of food trucks we are sure everyone will enjoy.

Heavy Events

Heavy Events

Originally Highland Gatherings or Games were all about athletics. Dancing, piping and drumming, food, etc. were all just entertainment but athletics were the main reason Scotsmen gathered. Heavy Events are the remaining truly athletic activity at any modern Highland Gathering.

Registration is now open for the Edmonton Scottish Society Highland Festival for 2021. Link on top of page.

Interested in participating in Heavy Events? You can contact Heavy Events Alberta at

Highland Dance

Highland Dance

Highland Dancing is a physically demanding style of dance that developed over a long period of time in Scotland. The precise origins are unknown, but there are many legends and stories surrounding the movements and dances.

Piping and Drumming

Piping and Drumming

Though popular belief sets varying dates for the introduction of bagpipes to Scotland, concrete evidence is limited until approximately the 15th century. The Clan Menzies still owns a remnant of a set of bagpipes said to have been carried at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, though the veracity of this claim is debated. There are many ancient legends and stories about bagpipes which were passed down through minstrels and oral tradition, whose origins are now lost. However, textual evidence for Scottish bagpipes is more definite in 1396, when records of the Battle of the North Inch of Perth reference “warpipes” being carried into battle.

Additional Highland Events in the area.

The Edmonton Scottish Society believes in promoting groups and events that promote Scottish Culture. The Edmonton and northern Alberta area hosts several Highland events people can enjoy. In addition to our Highland Gathering we believe you should visit these other Gatherings and show your support for these wonderful events.

RedDeer Highland Gathering 
Sherwood Park Highland Gathering

Flagstaff Gathering of the Clans

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