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 3105 - 101 street SW, Edmonton, Alberta, CA T6X1A1  
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  • How do I register my Child for Soccer?
    The Edmonton Scottish Society is a venue where many Soccer Clubs play. To register your child to plan soccer you will need to reach out to a soccer club such as Scottish United
  • How do I see a schedule of Soccer Games being played at the Edmonton Scottish Society?
    All field rentals go through our Edmonton Soccer Dome Website at
  • Is there a fee to come and watch games?
    There is an admitance fee associated with entry to the Edmonton Soccer Dome. Season passes and individual game admision is available onsite or through the Edmonton Soccer Dome website
  • Where do I park for games?
    There is parking next to the Edmonton Soccer Dome and the grass fields. Be aware that the parking in front of the Pavillion is for card holders and handicap only. In addition the emergency access road between the pavillion and the hall is for emergancy vehicle traffic only. Parking up against the Dome is not available in the Winter months due to the potential of ice and snow falling from the building.
  • Is the Hall available to rent for Weddings
    We have a few weddings left to complete for 2021 however we are not accepting bookings for 2022. We are beginning phase II of our development plan which is the construction of a new Hall.
  • Is the Soccer Dome available to rent for my event?
    Yes, please reach out to

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