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About Edmonton Scottish Society

Our mission is to better promote an awareness and appreciation of Scottish culture, its significant contribution to the fabric of Canadian society and identity through widespread public engagement among as many Canadians of all backgrounds as possible.

We believe we are the perfect organisation to connect or reconnect to your Scottish heritage as well as offering persons of all decent to experiance our facilities, programs and heritage.

Our History

The Edmonton Scottish Society was formed in October 1937 by the amalgamation of the Caledonian Society and St. Andrews W A. The Edmonton Scottish Society was incorporated under the Societies Act in Alberta August 8, 1949.

The forerunner to the Edmonton Scottish Society was originated and instituted on the 11th of December 1906 under the name The Caledonian Club.

Our Vision

The Edmonton Scottish Society's vision is to be a good community stewart and to promote opportunities to showcase our heritage in addition to providing facilities and events to foster community growth and enjoyment. 

Become a member or visit our events page to discover more.

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