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The Edmonton Scottish Society has, over many years, fostered relationships and associations with other clubs, programs and Scottish Heritage.

Below are two of those that are near and dear to our Society and our hearts.

Clan MacNaughton

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The Clan MacNaughton Pipe Band was formed in 1972 and adopted the MacNaughton name and tartan because of the Clan affiliation of the band’s first Pipe Major. The band operated as a teaching band until 1987 when it changed to a non-competition format, concentrating on public and private performances, parades and Remembrance Day ceremonies. A few of the members have been playing the pipes/drums for over 30 years and have a great deal of experience to pass on to those less experienced players. The band has instructed some of the finest pipers now playing in competition and/or in Grade 1 bands.

While the band as a whole is a non-competition band, we support our members who choose to compete in individual competitions, quartets or as a mini-band.

Clan MacNaughton has been a champion of the Edmonton Scottish Society, performed at events on behalf of the ESS and has been a part of our identity as a Scottish Heritage Society.

As of 2023 the Clan MacNaughton Pipes and Drums Band was officially named the Edmonton Scottish Society Club Band

Visit their website HERE


The Edmonton Scottish Society Ellerslie Scottish Country Dancers – (Ellerslie Dancers)

The Ellerslie Dances have practiced and performed at the Edmonton Scottish Society facilities for years. Many are members of the Society and have attended our events and demostrated traditional Scottish Country Dance.

More information about the Ellerslie Country Dancers found on our page HERE

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