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Country Dancing

What is Scottish Country Dancing?

Scottish Country Dancing is a form of social dancing that involves three or more couples dancing in organized formations called “sets.” Scottish Country Dancing is not to be confused with Scottish Highland Dancing which is a solo form of dance.


Scottish Country dances are categorized a jigs, reels and Strathspeys according the music to which they are dances. Jigs and reels a lively dances that feature a quick tempo whereas the Strathspey is more stately with a slower tempo.

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Why Consider Country Dance?

Our Story

Scottish country dancing is a great fun and what better way to enjoy some friendship, great music and physical activity! In fact, Scottish Country Dancing is an effective way for maintaining health and fitness. A 2010 study found women who danced had greater agility leg strength and walking speed compared to women who took part in other forms of exercise.

Classes at the Scottish Society

Country Dance is back at the Edmonton Scottish Society. We always welcome new-comers, and hopefully, if enough registrations there will be two classes offered, a social class and an adult beginner class. 
Traditional Dance is an important heritage activity for Scottish culture and an activity near and dear to the Edmonton Scottish Society. Normally classes are held every Tuesday from 7:30-9:30 pm at the Edmonton Scottish Society Hall located at 3105-101 Street, Edmonton, T6X 1A1


Adult Beginner - to learn basic steps, formations and easier dance

Social Class - to dance old and new reels, jigs and Stathspeys

What you need

Soft soled shoes, two feet (one left and one right, but don't let that stop you) and a sense of humor and a smile.

What you don't need

A partner, a kilt, Scottish ancestry or any previous dance experience


Irene Towshend: phone - 780-430-0412 or email -

Margaret Dudley: phone - 780-438-8837 or email -

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