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2024 Highland Gathering
Whisky Tasting

A Trip Through The Regions of Scotland

This year at the Edmonton Scottish Society Highland Gathering we are proud to offer a selection of  Whisky's from around Scotland at our tasting.
The tasting will occur in an inflatable Pub. Tickets available on our Event Page or on the day at our Beer Gardens.
The Tasting is for 6 Whisky's, cost $30.00
The Tasting with an Etched Edmonton Scottish Society Whisky Glass is $40.00

BLIND Whisky Tasting $40.00

Tasting takes place from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m
Pre-Purchase a Ticket HERE

**Your Whisky Tasting Ticket will be entered into a draw from some great prizes including**
- Scotch from the Remarkable Regional Malts Collection
- Items from local business and vendors and the ESS


New for the 2024 Whisky Tasting

The 2024 Highland Gathering Whisky Tasting is presenting a new format. This years Tasting will be a sit down tasting in our inflatable pub.

The final tasting of the day will be a Blind Tasting. You find out what you have when it is presented to you. See below for more information and tickets.

Sit down tasting times will be 1 hour per tasting.

Whisky has been selected, see below for the Line Up

Hosted by the
Alberta Scotch Society

The water of life comes in so many flavours. Whether you prefer your whisky born on the rocky shores of Islay, or in the heathery streams of the Highlands, there is a Scotch for everyone. Come join us to experience the vast palette of Scottish whisky and find your favourite.


Your Host

Dolph Shaw

President Alberta Scotch Society

The mission of the Alberta Scotch Society is to promote the responsible enjoyment of Scottish Whisky. We do this through scotch tastings, dinners, social events, after work, relaxing, and just about anywhere that is appropriate to enjoy a fine whisky.

2024 Highland Gathering Whisky Tasting

This years tasting will be a sit down/stand up tasting at tall round bar tables in our blow up pub.

There will be 6 Whisky offering at 1/2 oz pour. Dolph Shaw will walk you through the tasting.

The tastings will take approximately 1 hr depending ofn questions and involvement.

Tickets can be purchased HERE

We are in the process of carefully selecting the Whisky for our tasting.

The last tasting of the day will be a blind tasting and one of our guests at the blind tasting is going home with a bottle from that tasting. 

All participants will be entered into draws for gifts after the tastings are all complete.

2024 Whisky Line Up

Adelphi Private Stock Blend.jpg

Special Welcome Whisky Included to start your tasting. Adelphi Private Stock Blend

Click on the images below to open more information on this years offerings.

The Last Whisky Tasting of the Day is a BLIND Tasting

No you will not be blindfolded. The Blind Tasting means we are not going to tell you what you are tasting until it is in front of you. If you think the regular tastings earlier in the day have some special Whisky, wait till the BLIND. Tickets on our Events Page


Past Offerings at our Whisky Tastings

Douglas Liang & Co


A Passion for Whisky

Last year the Edmonton Scottish Society was pleased to have Douglas Liang & Co. provide 6 of their Remarkable Regional Malts to our Whisky Tasting.
Established in 1948, Douglas Laing is a proudly independent, family owned Scotch Whisky business in its third generation. Over 70 years of heritage have helped us to refine our processes, and deliver Whisky that is consistently exceptional in its offering.

Abiding to the philosophy of presenting Whisky as the Distiller intended, we add nothing and take nothing away from our spirit, enabling Whisky lovers around the world to come as close as they possibly can to sampling a dram straight from the Cask.

If you loved the offerings from the Douglas Lang & Co Remarkable Regional Malts you can have some anytime you want. We have stock in the Pavillion Bar and they may make an appearance at this years Whisky Tasting. We are offering them at our Whisky tasting again this year before we select a completly new line up for 2024.

Past offerings from regions of Scotland

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