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Highland Gathering Volunteers

Volunteers are one of the most important aspects of a successful Edmonton Scottish Society Highland Gathering. Year over many volunteers come out to help with the Games. Volunteers help with many aspects from parking to vendor support and more. If you would like to volunteer please use our sign up form below.

Volunteer submissions received after  June 25, 2023 will be added to the list of volunteers for the 2024 Highland Gathering.

The volunteer signup for has changed this year. You will note it states "Credits" Credits refers to hours of volunteering. If the "Credits says 4, then it is for a 4 hour shift.

Also for 2023 we are looking for a few individuals to act as Volunteer Coordinator Lead and Volunteer Coordinator AM and PM.

The position of the volunteer Coordinator is to manage the volunteers and the positions in the various volunteer roles. This position is not just for the day of the event and will require extra hours coordinating prior to the event. This position will have the help of the AM and PM coordinator the day of the event.

As a team you will help volunteers get their t-shirt, name tag and meal ticket. Sign in and record the attendance of the volunteers. Direct them to the position for which they volunteered for.

Ensure they have proper communication tools if required by the position. Check on the volunteers to make sure they have water, breaks etc. Assist the volunteers with questions or concerns. Communicate with the event coordinator for help and to resolve any issues during the event.

Crowd Cheering

The Highland Games has been successful for some many years in great part due to the volunteers we have every year. The Society appreciates the hours these great people put in helping visitors and participants create memories year over year.  We thank you all.

After our games each year we send out an invitation to all our volunteers to attend a volunteer appreciation event.

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