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Brides Room

There is a lot of work that goes into your wedding. From the day you started this journey up to the big day there are a great deal of items to check off your To-Do list. Having a beautiful room to enjoy just before you walk down the isle, a place you can prepare and enjoy with your bridesmaids, is equally important.

During our downtime we have updated our brides room as well as the adjoining bathroom along with an extra additional make up check area. We hope you enjoy the room and the memories you will create in it.

Last Look Counter
Womens Bathroom

Just outside of the Brides room and right beside the women's bathroom is the Last Look counter. Whether for a quick touch up, a last check or just a different light source this counter is perfectly placed just steps from the door.

makeup counter.jpg

With newly done floors, plenty of counter space, framed mirror, freshly painted stalls and walls.

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