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Update to Youth Restrictions Exemption Program

The Edmonton Scottish Society and the Edmonton Soccer Dome remove requirement for youth to provide proof of vaccination.

CMOH Order 44-2021 of September 24/2021 rescinds CMOH order 42-2021

Section 5.8 states a patron or attendee who is 17 years of age or younger is not required to provide identification.

Not contained in the order but defined in the GOA REP Guidelines for Youth Activities and Youth Participation is the following: For the purposes of this program, a youth is someone who is under the age of 18 years of age.

Youth participating in youth activities in a facility that is participating in REP are not required to be screened as part of the REP.

Parents who are required to support youth in their activities (e.g. parent and tot groups) would be required to follow REP requirements

in order to attend.

Youth are subject to physical distancing at all other times when not engaged in the physical activity (e.g. locker rooms, common areas etc.)

If youth wish to access other amenities beyond youth-specific sports, recreation or performance activities in a facility participating in REP, for these purposes they will be required to be screened per the REP, as applicable (12+ years of age).

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