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Tartan Day 2022

The Edmonton Scottish Society wishes everyone a happy Tartan Day.

National Tartan Day Holiday History In Canada

The history of National Tartan Day in Canada can be traced back to 1986. It originated in Nova Scotia (New Scotland) when the Federation of Scottish Clans proposed the idea of honouring and promoting their Scottish heritage. The President of Clan Lamont, Jean Watson, suggested 6 April as the day for this commemoration due to its significance in Scottish history. The Declaration of Arbroath was signed on 6 April 1320, which asserted Scotland’s independence, denouncing all attempts of the English to conquer it. Nova Scotia announced the celebration of Tartan Day in 1987. Ontario was the next to follow in 1991, and soon British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta proclaimed the same in 1992. New Brunswick joined the fold the next year, Newfoundland & Labrador in 1995, and Quebec was the last to declare Tartan Day, in 2003. The Canadian government officially announced it in 2010.

5 million Canadians claim Scottish Heritage Scottish-Canadians are the 3rd largest ethnic group in Canada

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