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Edmonton Scottish Society Phase II Building Development

The Edmonton Scottish Society Phase II Building Committee has been hard at work on the next development on our grounds.

With the Phase I addition of the Edmonton Soccer Dome complete the Edmonton Scottish Society understood that we would need to recreate our idea of a supporting structure to service the Dome, our customers and our membership.

Our vision for the structure is 3 levels, 24,000 sq feet of space with a new Society Hall, Lounge, Concessions, Change rooms, flex rooms, retail space, viewing decks, Members only room, and much more.

As a Not for Profit Society we know we need to get creative, especially with the past years struggles and set back, on how we fund raise for this much needed structure. We are planning on holding several events in the future that will assist us raise funds and continue to move the project forward.

Stay tuned for build timelines, construction information, fund raising events, 3D concept images and more

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