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Edmonton Scottish Society / Dome Parking Map

With so much snow thus far parking at the facility has been modified.

Snow that lands on the Dome must ultimately come down. There is no parking along the edge of the Dome. This area can be subject to falling snow and ice, parking is not permitted next to the Dome. The Edmonton Scottish Society is not responsible for damages that may occur to vehicles parked in these areas.

Visitors should not walk in these areas and be vigilant in monitoring snow conditions on the Dome.

The image map has areas depicted that visitors should be aware of.

RED - There is no parking in these areas at any time for any reason. The Red areas are either our emergency access routes, pinch points or areas that represent significant danger.

BRIGHT GREEN - OverFlow parking available to visitors to the facilities, some of these areas have been opened for the winter season due to the ground being frozen.

LIGHT BLUE - Pass Holder Only Parking. ESD and ESS passholder parking. This parking is available to pass holders, pass holders may be persons who generally in some manner are in the process of supporting activities at the facility. If you are not a pass holder do not park in this area, you could be taking a spot from an event provider.

Other NON-Coloured areas of the map where parking has been defined is available to visitors to the facility.

SPEED LIMIT in the parking areas is 10 Kmp/h. Children are walking through these areas and can appear from a corner or behind a vehicle at a moments notice.

PDF Version of the MAP

ESS_Parking map
Download PDF • 1.46MB

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