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Phase II Development Project

The Phase II development Project builds on the Phase I project which was the Edmonton Soccer Dome.

With the aging infrastructure of our existing halls and the need to provide a building to adequately service the Edmonton Soccer Dome, Phase II will see a proposed 24,000 sq foot facility constructed to fill all of the Edmonton Scottish Societies needs from both a cultural and sport perspective.

Below you will find a 3d video fly thru of the facility provided by L7 Architecture and edited by Edmonton Scottish Society for promotional purposes.
Slight modifications are still being made but the video servers as the concept of our vision.

In addition there will be floor plans added. There are a total of 2 floors above grade and 1 floor below.

Rescom is the project management company contracted by the ESS.

Floor Plans

Here you will find some of the proposed line drawings of the facility.



Main Floor

Top Floor

Elevation 1

Elevation 2


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