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2022 Highland Gathering Where Do I Park?

We have several areas for parking the day of our Highland Gathering.

Volunteer parking attendants will be on hand to direct you to parking.

Entrance gates are situated around the grounds near parking areas.

Below are two maps;

1: for our main grounds parking
Gravel main car park
Grass Field Parking
Pan Handle Parking

2: our remote Park n Ride

Located on Eby Road SW just south of our grounds. Parking is available in the lot of 1005 Eby Rd SW and along the road into the cul-de-sac and back.

Main Grounds:

Red areas are public parking

Green Area is restricted and reserved for Vendors, Volunteers and Competitors.

There is handicap placard parking in the main gravel lot closest to the Blue Shack Entry and in the restricted parking area next to the Dome and Pavilion. If your placard is in view, volunteers will direct you were to park.

grounds_overhead_HG2022 1B.jpg

Park n Ride

Remote Park n Ride

Located just south of our facility down Ewing Trail on Eby Rd SW

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