Piping and Drumming Events

Piping and Drumming Competitions are a main part of Highland Gatherings or Games going back to their inception. At our Highland Gathering you can enjoy the individual piping and drumming completion in the morning, the band competition in the afternoon, and the massed bands at the opening and closing ceremonies.

Solo Piping or Drumming

At a solo piping or drumming completion individual pipers or drummers compete at individual judges stations, called platforms, set up around the grounds with sufficient distance between the stations to avoid interference between the competitors. Competitors range from the Novice/Beginners all the way up to the Profession Grade. Pipe tunes range from toe tapping marches to the ancient music called Piobaireachd.

Band Competitions

Band competitions are a major part of any Highland Gathering. These take place in the afternoon and involve competing bands performing designated tunes for that day before a panel of judges and of course a large audience of spectators. Prizes are awarded for the best bands in designated categories.

Massed Pipe Bands

For many Highland Gatherings festival attendees, the most memorable of all the events is the massing of the pipe bands. These are held in conjunction with the opening ceremonies about noon and closing ceremonies about 4 pm. Nothing is more soul stirring then all the bands playing and marching in mass. The result is a thunderous rendition of traditional favourites like Scotland the Brave or Amazing Grace, and other crowd-pleasing favourites.