Highland Dance Competition

Our Highland Gathering boasts one of the largest Highland Dance Competitions in Alberta

Highland Dancing

Highland Dancing is a physically demanding style of dance that developed over a long period of time in Scotland. The precise origins are unknown, but there are many legends and stories surrounding the movements and dances.

Highland dancing was at one point used as an exercise regimen for Scottish soldiers - in an average dance, the dancer will jump up and down more than 150 times while doing complicated footwork and exercising muscles all over the body. Therefore, dancers must be in excellent shape and regularly practice in order to maintain and improve their technique.

Today Highland Dancing is danced competitively all over the world, at Highland Games in Australia, Canada, Japan, Scotland, South Africa, the United States and elsewhere.

Highland Dance Details

Registration details will be posted as soon as they are available.

Highland Dance Entry Form

Entry Forms Available at the Alberta Highland Dance Association Website: Check here for details: http://www.ahda.ab.ca/entry-forms/