AGM Instruction

Edmonton Scottish Society 2020 Virtual AGM Attendance Facts

Thank you for registering for the Virtual AGM

Due to the issues surrounding social gatherings this past year and even currently the 2020 AGM will be held in a virtual format only.

As such there are some guidelines we need to put in place and the following list will elude to some of those as well as possibly answer some questions you may have.

  • Members must be verified, once the member has been verified they will be put on the notification list for information on how to access the AGM

  • Members will be able to attend the virtual meeting by video conference with video and audio or audio only as well as call in only.

  • Members will be able to access via computer, laptop, ipad, tablet, Internet enabled smart phone, land line and cell phone.

  • With the exception of call in only, all other methods will require a free download and install of the video conference software ZOOM. The ZOOM CLIENT software can be downloaded for your computer or laptop directly from ZOOM HERE


Download from the App Store for iphone / ipad


Download from Google Play for Android based devices

  • Please note that in order to be able to vote during the AGM you must be connected to the AGM via the ZOOM software. Voting is not possible for "call in" only

  • As there will be a voting portion to the AGM, both public and private, private voting will be collected by the meeting moderator (technical director of the ESS Board) and the results communicated immediately to the vote director. Submissions are NOT visible to any other participant but are recorded for the purpose of verification by the vote director.

  • Due to the nature of a virtual meeting, questions or comment request will be made to the meeting moderator, who will either direct your comment or question to the board/board member or provide you the availability to ask or make your statement directly. If at all possible, write down your question/questions and hold them until the end of the segment. The moderator will then call upon each member to speak before the next segment.

  • The AGM will be recorded in both audio and video format to ensure the accuracy of the meeting.

  • As with an in person meeting proper meeting etiquette will be used and enforced.

  • Disruptive behaviour, as with an in person meeting could result in the attendee being expelled from the meeting. In this event the attendees will not be able to rejoin.

  • Due to the nature of a virtual meeting extra time may be required to ensure all information is communicated appropriately.

  • The Edmonton Scottish Society does not guarantee that the Internet connection used by the member will be sufficient to attend nor that the connection will be stable for the entirety of the meeting. In such an event the meeting will continue as normal. You will be able to rejoin if your connection resolves by following the original connection procedure.

  • The Edmonton Scottish Society does not guarantee that the Internet connection of a board member will be stable for the entirety of the meeting. IF the information being provided by the board member is a requirement of the AGM, the board members information will be paused and permitted to continue once the connection becomes stable. In the event the board member is not able to rejoin members will receive a text based email containing the information that was to be communicated.

  • Portions of the meeting will include screen sharing. Screen sharing is the process of the presenter showing information to the attendees. For example the financial report. Attendees will be able to see the report on their individual screens but will not be able to control the document or scroll through the document.

  • Additional information will be sent to verified members a few days prior to the AGM. Please read the instructions thoroughly and direct additional questions you may have to the sender.

If you have reached this page without having registered you may do so HERE